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Your guide to finding the best spots in Sydney for remote working

ES094 - Guide to Remote Working Sydney

This week we continue our quest to find the best spaces for remote working, this time in Sydney. In our latest instalment, we explore the harbour city of Sydney from the perspective of a business traveller, freelancer or a contractor who is able to work away from your client office. 

Sydney has led the charge for the remote working movement in Australia, which is reflected in the multitude of spaces available to the remote worker. With a significant number of co-working locations to choose from for those who want the full facilities of an office space and a plethora of cafes catering specifically to remote workers, you are sure to find a space to suit your remote working whims on any given day in Sydney. 


1. Tank Stream Labs -  Bridge Street, Sydney

Tank Stream Labs won Best Co-Working Space in Australia in the 2017 Fintech Awards. Designed for tech entrepreneurs and thought leaders, Tank Stream Labs offers premium co-working spaces for the price of a membership fee (which depends on how often you plan to use the space) or Day passes are available for more casual users of the facility. Included in the price is access to meeting rooms, board rooms, a usability testing lab and even an event space for hosting networking functions. For the truly flexible remote worker, 24/7 access to the office is available, as well as onsite support.

2. Black Sugar Coffee Company – 400 George Street, Sydney

Black Sugar Coffee Company is located in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD, so it’s nice and close if you just need to work away from the office for an afternoon. It has high speed WIFI and the seating arrangements allow you to choose from single seating to a larger zone for meetings. For an extended day’s work, sustain yourself with coffee and a varied menu.

3. Upperroom Restocafe – 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 

Designed specifically to attract the remote-working crowd, Upperroom Restocafe has everything you will need to stay the entire day. Free WIFI, pods with power points placed in each corner for individual work zones and meeting areas. If you are planning on spending the whole day, it is a must to book your space on their website and pre-order a chef-prepared lunch for the day. 

4. State Library of New South Wales - Sydney

Unlimited WIFI, minimal noise and grand surroundings make the State Library of New South Wales an ideal place to get that project finished that requires undivided attention. You will have access to an extensive library for any of your research needs, quiet spaces for maximum concentration and productivity and printing services. There is also an onsite café, so all bases are covered.

5. Hub Australia – Co-working space, William Street and Hyde Park (coming soon)

This co-working space offers a beautifully designed, diverse office that caters to a range of business needs. With meeting rooms, conference call booths, relaxation zones and frequent lunches for the purpose of bringing all the members together, Hub spaces appeal to entrepreneurs and remote-workers who want the option of company. Another great inclusion is Hub Australia’s wellness events such as yoga and meditation and weekly business events and tutorials. There is something for everyone, no matter your working style.


We have listed our top 5 remote working and co-working spaces, however, there are many more to choose from in Sydney. Consider how you like to work, resource needs and whether or not you will be remote working long term, in order to make a decision regarding the options that require more commitment. In the meantime, you can always test out a co-working café option. If you are looking for a venue closer to your accommodation, be sure to do some research as you are likely to find a café that supports remote working near you.

To find out about our IPro Services that can support you in your work as a contractor, contact our IPro Services Manager via email at IProServices@entitysolutions.com.au.

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