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Entity Solutions

Entity Solutions

We design and deliver tailored workforce solutions to enable your business to experience the benefits of managing a workforce in the evolving world of work. We specialise in: contractor management services, outsourced payroll services, migration services and workforce technology solutions.

Whether you’re a large corporate, small to medium enterprise, recruitment agency, consultancy or a contractor, we have the right solutions for your workforce needs.

Latest articles and resources

ES097 - NZ changes announcement blog
10/17/2017Matthew Franceschini

Entity Solutions expanding presence in New Zealand

Here, at Entity Solutions, we’re always looking for ways that we can provide better service for our cus...
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ES095 The Top ICT jobs that will be in demand in 2018

The Top ICT jobs that will be in demand in 2018

As Australia progresses into the Digital era, there is one industry in particular that will carry the respons...
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ES094 - Guide to Remote Working Sydney

Your guide to finding the best spots in Sydney for remote working

This week we continue our quest to find the best spaces for remote working, this time in Sydney. In our lates...
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ES093 - The Best Wifi Cafes in Melbourne

Your guide to finding the best spots in Melbourne for remote working

In this age of remote working and frequent interstate business travel, as a freelancer or a contractor who is...
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